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Style Confidence

Colour and style consultancy.
Work with me to develop your
personal style or professional image.



Colour and style consultancy.

Work with me to develop your personal style or professional image.

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Colour & Style Consultations

I offer a full range of services for both women and men.  Whether you are looking to update and refresh your image, or want to develop a personal brand for work, I can help you.

Colour Consultation

Colours can have a huge impact on how we look and feel about ourselves, and the world around us. Discover which colours suit your colouring and lifestyle best., and explore Colour Me Beautiful’s make-up range

Image for Business

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In today’s competitive world, your business image counts. An Image for Business consultation will help you get to grips with office dress codes and get your work wardrobe sorted.

Style Consultation

Discover the most flattering styles and fabrics for you, and why they work, so you can select clothes that suit your shape, personality and budget.

Brand 'You'

Taking a step on from corporate image, personal branding looks at you, your work and your image. Together, we identify what’s important to you, and how you can communicate your strengths and values through your work wardrobe, to develop your business image and individual style.

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Settle for more

Create your style, for work or for play. Book your personal consultation today.


Stop feeling mediocre. Stop feeling average. Start feeling fabulous, everyday.


Empower yourself and feel confident by wearing the right colours, the right styles, the right fabrics, at the right time.


Discover who you really are and begin to live your life the way you want. Your individual style is just waiting for you to reach out and embrace it.

Find your perfect shades with Colour me Beautiful's make up range

Colour Me Beautiful (CMB) has its own make up range, which is co-ordinated to CMB’s dominant colouring types, making it super-easy to find right shades for your colouring.

The ‘star of the show’ here is CMB’s magnetic colour box make up system for eye shadows, blusher and lip gloss. You buy a compact box which includes a built-in mirror, then fill it with the products that you need, and you only need to replace what you use, item by item.

The products are produced in the UK, and the range is not tested on animals.

To see the full make up and skin care range and buy, please click here

For advice on choosing your colours, please contact me at:

Is This You?

Having a full image consultation (Colour + Style) can help prevent you from wearing the wrong colours, fabrics and cuts for your personality and body shape. Stop leaving the majority of your clothes untouched and unloved – Get in touch today for a consultation that will change the way you look at clothes, and at yourself.


Women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time

You may have only 30 seconds to make a lasting impressions

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