Whether you are looking to develop a more professional image for work or craft a strong recognisable brand for your staff I am here to help.


Whether you are looking to develop a more professional image for work or craft a strong recognisable brand for your staff I am here to help.

Image And Influence

What does your business image say about you?

It’s a tough world out there and a fact of life that what you wear can affect how you feel and how other people respond to you. Even the colours that you wear can affect how people perceive you

Whether it’s your boss, the senior leadership team, a future employer, or your colleagues, clients, a supplier or a stakeholder – these days, it’s a 360 degree field of scrutiny, and you never know who’s round the next corner.

That’s why I decided to focus on confidence and image, helping people to find solutions that work for them, as an investment in their business or career.

My approach is to focus on the individual, to look at what works for you, not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. The basic packages are listed below, but feel free to contact me to discuss things further.

Your image – confidence and influence

There are so many different reasons why people want to re-evaluate their work image:

  • Building your career or seeking promotion?
  • Changing to a new role, or returning to work after a career break.
  • Running your own business, and needing to make a good impression on potential clients and customers?
  • Representing your clients or organisation to suppliers, customers or stakeholders?
  • Or just feeling that you need to sharpen up your image, or find a way to ‘get away from grey’?

A colour consultation will help you to understand what colours work for you, and how to wear them, while a style consultation will help you to understand your body shape and help you to start building a work wardrobe that works for you.

Personal branding – what do you want to be know for?

Business image is not just about power and assertiveness. Sure, everyone wants to make a great impression, but it’s about what works for you. Perhaps you do want to be more assertive, but equally you might want to be professional but approachable, not intimidating, or be seeking a distinct business image to match your chosen field.

Through a personal branding exercise, we can identify what matters to you, and look at how you can emphasise those values through your wardrobe.

A Wardrobe That Works – For Work!

You want to be on top of your game and ready for anything, but when you are balancing a career or business against your work-life balance, it can be tough to find the time to organise a successful wardrobe. For many people, there are challenges such as a long commute, or a balance of working from home, days in the office and meetings with stakeholders, clients or suppliers, to content with, not to mention office dress codes and the good old British weather versus air conditioning to negotiate.

Through a Colour, Style or Personal Branding consultation, we can start to develop a working wardrobe to make choosing the right outfit for the right day, easier.

Corporate Dress Codes And Identity

If you run a small business or are self employed, you may be thinking about a dress code or uniform for your business.

As a corporate-trained image consultant with Colour me Beautiful, I am happy to work with you to discuss your needs and assist with development of a dress code or presentations to your staff.

Business Image Consultations

Whether you are building a career, or building a business – your image counts. Contact me to find out how I could help you.

Your Business Image – individual consultation

Style and colour advice to help you build your working wardrobe, understand workplace dress codes, whatever stage you have reached in your career. Please contact me for details.

Personal Branding

Advice on building an image for yourcareer or business; using style and colour to reflect your values and ambitions, and boost your confidence, influence and reputation at work. Please contact me for details.

Business Etiquette and Influence

Individual 1:1 coaching sessions to boost your confidence, please contact me for details.

Business Image - advice for businesses

Specialist consultancy for businesses in need of colour, style or image advice. Please contact me for details.

Follow Ups

Services as a followup to a full consultation


As a follow up to style and colour consulation.

Please contact me for details.

Seasonal Style Update

Keep your image fresh with a twice yearly style update.

Contact me for details.

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