Style & Colour Confidence
= Wardrobe Confidence


Style & Colour Confidence = Wardrobe Confidence

Discover Your Style

Style confidence – for men too!

More and more men are getting interested in smartening up their act, and that’s where a colour and style consultation can help.

Colour and Style are the foundations for understanding what will work for you. A colour consultation will show you which colours will suit you best, and how to wear them. Meanwhile, a style consultation will help you understand your body shape and how to make your clothing choices work for you. Trying to wear clothes that don’t fit, and don’t suit the body shape, is the main reason why so many people feel that clothes don’t work for them.

Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut with your image, or you’ve tried lots of different things and nothing seems right. If so, some guidance may be what you need.

A Colour and Style Consultation will give you your ‘rules’ for choosing what to wear, and help to make shopping and planning your wardrobe easier, whatever the event or occasion.

Your image – confidence and influence

There are so many different reasons why people want to re-evaluate their work image:

  • Building your career or seeking promotion?
  • Changing to a new role, or returning to work after a career break.
  • Running your own business, and needing to make a good impression on potential clients and customers?
  • Representing your clients or organisation to suppliers, customers or stakeholders?
  • Or just feeling that you need to sharpen up your image, or find a way to ‘get away from grey’?

A colour consultation will help you to understand what colours work for you, and how to wear them, while a style consultation will help you to understand your body shape and help you to start building a work wardrobe that works for you.

Consultations – How It Works

There are essential two stages of consultations that I provide.

“Colour” gives you your palette of colours (in a personalised colour swatch wallet) and advice on how to wear them. The colour recommendations are based on how the palette works with your skin tone, eye and hair colour.

“Style” looks at your body shape, lifestyle and personality, and give you
personalised advice on choosing clothes to suit you. You can do the two stages separately (most people do colour first), or together as colour and style.

You may also be looking for advice on how to organise and plan your wardrobe. If so, a wardrobe planning and wardrobe audit consultation may be what you are looking for.

My philosophy is to work with the individual, and if needed, to support you on your journey to a new image. The basic consultations packages are listed below, but please contact me to find out more.

Consultations For Men

I offer a range of services for men aimed at increasing your knowledge and style confidence.

Colour for Men

1 hour, from £90 including a personalised colour wallet.

Image for Men

Colour and Style Combined – 2 hours, from £180

Wardrobe Planning

for Men’s Image customers, contact me for details.

Wardrobe Audit

for Men’s Image customers, contact me for details.

Follow Ups

Services offered as a follow up to a colour or style consultation

Wardrobe Planning / Wardrobe Audit

As a follow up to style and colour customers. Minimum 2 hours at £50 per hour as follow up to colour/style consult.

Seasonal Style Update

Keep your image fresh with a twice yearly style update.

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